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The annual commendation conference of Jinbaili Textile Co., Ltd. in 2020 was successfully concluded. Jinbaili's family gathered in Haining to review the difficulties and achievements achieved during the year and look forward to the new journey in 2021.

Break through Evonik future against the trend

At the meeting, Jinbaili Group Co., Ltd. Chairman and General Manager Lu Jinzhou first gave a speech. He thanked Jinbaili's family and reviewed the achievements and priorities of Jinbaili in 2020, and made a comprehensive plan for the goals of 2021.

Jinbaili Group Chairman and General Manager Lu Jinzhou

Beautiful new journey all the way together

In 2020, under the heavy blow of the epidemic, China will lead the global economic recovery and inject new vitality into the world economy. We have once again impressed the world with the strong creativity and execution of the Chinese people. We have also attracted more people's attention to China's intelligent manufacturing and witnessed the ingenuity and responsibility of Chinese enterprises.

In the annual summary, Lu said the most important points:

1. Always put the customer first.

2. Learning ability is your own moat.

It is said in Tao Te Ching that easy is the most difficult task, while small is the most important. No matter how difficult things start from simple, no matter how big things start from details.

In the future, Jinbaili will continue to insist on improving the rules and regulations of all departments, strictly catch and investigate, and give more generous rewards to those employees who have made great contributions.

Quarterly outstanding employee recognition

Quarterly Outstanding Employee Award: Li Yanling, Weng Chujie, Jiang Manyu, Zhu Xiaoqin (Weaving Center), Guo Shengbin (Composite Workshop), Chu Weiliang (Warehousing and Logistics Department),
Jin Qiang (Finished Product Workshop), Xie Xiaoqi (Quality Control Department), Du Mengya (Customer Service Department), Tao Xin (Sales Department), Wang Shuhong (Foreign Trade Department), Zhou Qingqing (Finance Department)

They are diligent and enthusiastic, burning themselves in their work, constantly improving their value, and proving with impressive results that they have completed their work excellently in the fourth quarter. They deserve this honor.

Dormitory 5S Recognition

The purpose of dormitory inspection is to make the families have a good living environment and keep the dormitory clean and tidy. The purpose is to create a harmonious living environment, so that I can live in the dormitory more happy and healthy.

Prize-winning dormitories: 211, 109, 305

Cleaning the road in recognition

The spirit of "Sweeping the Road" is an important activity that Jinbaili has been practicing in recent years. It takes the site management of the group company as one of the most important things.

Winners: Zou Yuming (C2), Xie Jinming (B2), Jin Qiang (C3)

Zero Defect Management Wisdom Sharing Conference Awards

Special Award for Zero Defect Management: He Chunyan (Customer Service Department), Gao Linjie (Ware & Logistics Department), Lu Fengmei (Quality Control Department)

Excellence Award for Zero Defect Management: Wang Yaozong (Production Center), Yu Gan (Weaving Workshop), Jin Xiaohong (Closed Products), Chen Sheng (PMC Department)

The annual awards ceremony

Best New Talent Award: Yu Shuli (Planning and Material Control Department), Cheng Ying (Composite Workshop)

Quality Star: Fu Junqing (Quality Control Department)

Technical expert award: Wu Dalun (composite workshop), Zhang Lili (weaving center), Li Nannan (finished product department), Wei Luanfen (sample workshop), Lu Ruda (warehouse logistics department), Li Wei (embroidery workshop)

Dedication Award: Zhou Xiaoting (Weaving Center), Shen Guojian (Weaving Center), Wang Xiyu (General Manager), Hu Jinying (Composite Workshop), Lu Jinlong (Warehousing and Logistics Department), Zhuang Yuejie (Administration and Human Resource Department)

Gold Customer Service: Gao Tingting

Sales God of War: Feng Kaiqi

Hao Xiaojuan (Production Center)

Excellent Grass-roots Manager Award: Pu Gaoming (Quality Control Department), Xu Haifeng (Finance Department)

Outstanding Manager Award: Lu Fengmei (Production Center), Yu Jiangyun (Afterfinishing Workshop), He Chunyan (Customer Service Department)

Special Award for Collaboration

Sincere cooperation, common improvement, show the strength of the team: learning in practice, change in experience, let Jinbaili people have more insights. After experiencing the joy of success brought by dedication, collaboration and courage, each of them deeply felt the essence of "teamwork" and the responsibility of being a member of a team, and made outstanding contributions in it.

Honest Cooperation Award: Chen Zhiwei (Composite Workshop), Lin Yan (Foreign Trade Department), Ma Yanyang (Finance Department), Chen Weilin (Composite Workshop),
He Chunyan (Customer Service Department), Lu Fengmei (Quality Control Department), Jiang Li (Design Department), Jin Xiaohong (Clothing Products), Jiang Weijie (Big B), Xu Weifeng (Weaving Workshop)

Condolence from the old staff

They are the pioneers and cultivators of Jinbaili. With diligence, dedication and loyalty, Jinbaili has been forged today. They have always done their best and made significant contributions to the company's development.

The struggle of 2020 is about to fall the last note, in the past year, we have made glory with sweat, weaving dreams with hard work, leaving us too much excitement and joy. In order to leave you with good memories, we gathered some wonderful scenes from 2020 to relive the wonderful time and look back on history together.

Uncommon 2020 is full of difficulties, but it can not stop the national brand to the forefront of the world, towards the pace of innovation leadership. In the upcoming next stage, Lu believes that with the confidence and efforts of all the people in the company, the unity and cooperation of all the people, and the team spirit of continuous innovation, Jinbaili will definitely open a new chapter of development, make the company achieve more brilliant performance, and also believe that Jinbaili people can get higher achievements from it!

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