To lift those storm | kimberly-clark starts the first class " I am responsible" for training meeting held on time


On February 23, the first special training course "I am responsible" was held grandly in Jinbaili Textile Co., Ltd. Convention Center.

Mr. Lu Jinzhou, leader of Jinbaili Textile Co., Ltd., together with heads of all departments, participated in the live course of "I am the responsible person" given by Mr. Li Jian.

In the course of this live broadcast, Li Jian teacher put forward the responsibility is what, why, how to do? Guide everyone to carry on the deep thinking and the reflection.

Responsibility is a person's noble character, responsibility is a company's highest reputation. But the human instinct is to seek the good and avoid the bad, to turn ourselves into victims, so that we don't have to take responsibility and it's all someone else's problem. But this will only let us lose opportunities, lose change, and even make us worse. To be successful, you must be responsible. Responsibility is the first cause of success; Responsibility is the ladder of success; Responsibility is also a prerequisite for success.

The whole training content is compact, accurate, with good actual combat landing.

During the seminar, each team member learned and shared their responsibility goals. In this one and a half hours of learning, I believe that they combined with their own actual situation, whether it is work or life, feelings are different, such a learning feast, also let us carry out a significant ideological mobilization, all members through learning to enlighten each other's soul and thinking resonance.

The representatives of each group spoke on the stage and said that through the training, the employees' sense of responsibility and responsibility was stimulated, and they learned to change from "passive management" to "active participation in management", thus creating a strong learning atmosphere of responsibility and enterprising and forge ahead for the enterprise.

The training of the six groups have written down the corresponding rewards and punishments, really "I am responsible" this sentence did vivid interpretation.

After the sharing, Mr. Lu made a wonderful summary for all the members, condensed the views mentioned in the course into an action plan, and gave profound advice to all the management staff.

He pointed out that you should do your job well, know what you have to do every day, and think about how to cultivate yourself. Responsibility is everywhere in the process of enterprise development. Every one of us is the responsible person, and every one of us must move forward towards the goal. Take responsibility for your life, reduce your complaining, be a creator, not a victim.

Finally, the leader Mr. Lu Jinzhou led the heads of all departments to make a commitment together!

I am the creator, I am the creator. Let us assume the responsibility of entrepreneurs, to create customers, to change the world, to the industry to serve the country, we work together!

2021, great responsibility, mission will be achieved!

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